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Today, over 170 years after its foundation, Acino is a successful pharmaceutical company. Acino is specialized on the development and manufacture of generic and innovative pharmaceuticals using advanced drug delivery technologies and markets its products around the world. 


The origins of the Acino - which was named "Schweizerhall" until 2008 - date back to 1836 when the company was founded around a saltworks operation near Basle. Subsequently, the company widened its activities to become both a manufacturer and trader and enlarged its portfolio with value added products including chemical specialties such as feeding stuffs, fertilizers and active pharmaceutical ingredients. 

In 1994, the company went public on the Swiss stock exchange (SIX: ACIN) and gradually streamlined its business to focus on chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The subsequent years saw a focusing of the company's activities on advanced drug delivery with the acquisition of Cimex Pharma AG, a Swiss supplier of complex solid oral dosage forms, in 2004, and of Novosis AG, Europe's second largest manufacturer of transdermal patches and of biodegradable implants, in 2006

Finally, in 2012, Acino completed the acquisition of Mepha's production and R&D facilities and the business in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Asia. In up and coming economies in these regions, currently in over 80 countries, Acino markets Swiss-quality medicines under its brand "Acino Switzerland".

Am 12. Dezember 2013 schloss Pharma Strategy Partners GmbH, eine hundertprozentige Tochter-gesellschaft von Avista Capital Partners und Nordic Capital, ihr öffentliches Kaufangebot für die Acino Holding AG erfolgreich ab. Pharma Strategy Partners GmbH beabsichtigt eine vollständige Übernahme von Acino und wird die Acino-Aktien von der Börse dekotieren.

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